Prayer For A Stranger

I passed him along the street,
A stranger, tired and worn,
He seemed barely to move his feet
And his gaze was so forlorn.
I was in such a hurry,
I went quickly along my way…
But I sensed in him such a need
That I began to pray-
Father, someone you love is falling,
Their hope is fading fast,
They're struggling just to function
And their spirit is downcast.
Life's seemed to pass them by, Lord,
And left a bitter taste,
I pray you'd turn the tide, Lord,
Before it's much too late.
I know your love digs deeper, 
Than any sin we've done
And plants a seed of mercy
To give life to everyone…
So I'm praying for this stranger
That I may never pass again,
I don't even know his name Lord,
But I know you cherish him…
I pray this prayer's a catalyst
Sending power from on high,
To change the heart of this poor soul,
The man who's passing by…

Sharon Frye