An Apology to Ladova

"Broken Bones"

This poem was written after hearing the account of my web designers son's ordeal when he was involved in a car accident. The driver fell asleep at the wheel driving down the interstate and rolled the car at 70 mph. Aaron, my web mistresses son was 25 at the time. He was asleep in the back seat and went out the back window. There were four people in the car at the time and when other drivers stopped to assist they didn't know he was laying in the ditch. A truck driver found his body, covering it with his coat.

Aaron tells the story of his conversation with God to his mother. He recalls God coming to him and scooping him up off the ground in the palm of his hand. He took him to heaven and told him to go through the gate. Aaron said, "No I cant" God asked him why not. Aaron said, "Because I need to stay here for my girlfriend and our son" God then took Aaron and placed him back on the ground.

He was transported to a small rural hospital where he was misdiagnosed and my web mistress and her husband traveled 200 miles to get him. Not knowing if he was alive or dead, hospital only called and said "come now". Upon laying him in the back of their car and bringing him back home they took him to the local hospital where he was diagnosed with two broken bones in his neck c5 and c6. He was told he would need surgery ASAP and not to move, cough or sneeze or he would be paralyzed. Surgery was a success and a year later he was playing softball.

Note: The son Aaron referred to was born 10 months later. 10 months later you question? Yes at the time that Aaron was talking to God he nor his girl friend were aware that she was going to become pregnant. Amen.

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