An Apology to Ladova



The poem "Forget-Me-Not" was written for the sister of my web designer, Paula Reynolds.

The story behind the poem is below...written as an email to me from Paula.

I think I told you a few of you about my sister Kimberly's best friend, Val who has cancer. You may remember me saying something to you about how a month ago they went to the family cabin to spend some time together after Val was told by her doctor that she would not live long enough to see her son Shane graduate high school this year.

Well I felt the need to talk to my sister Kimberly today. Kimberly had taken Val to Omaha two weeks ago for a shopping spree and on the following Tuesday Val was admitted to the hospital. They were told she may not live thru Thanks Giving. Kimberly was at the hospital with her every day and Kimberly was planning a fund raiser for Val's son Shane. Last Friday after being at the hospital Kimberly went to the VA Post to follow up on events for the fund raiser. When she got back to the hospital on that Friday, Val had died.

The last time Kimberly got to hold Val in her arms Kimberly asked Val what she could do for her and Val said, "Just make sure Shane is taken care of." Val asked Kimberly what can I do for you and Kimberly said "when you are gone please give me a sign that you are ok".

Kimberly and Val had known each other for 20 years. They went thru school together. Learned how to wear make up together. Did all the things that young girls share with each other. Both raised children on their own. They supported each other in careers and in raising children.

Kimberly was telling me about how Val had given her some forget-me-nots to plant in the yard. Val had asked her recently if they had bloomed or not. Kimberly told her no, not yet. Two days after Vals death (last Sunday), Kimberly was out in the yard with her son Brian playing, He's three. Brian has downs syndrome and he was trying to talking about something and pointing, Kimberly looked to understand what he was saying and followed him to what he was pointing at. Eight forget-me-nots were in full bloom. Kimberly told me that she knows it was a sign from Val that she is at peace.

I just wanted to share this with you.

God Bless

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