An Apology to Ladova

"My Butterfly Angel"

I think the story behind the poem "My Butterfly Angel" will bless you more than the poem itself. A friend I have from South Dakota was telling me that she had a good "online friend"  named Bonnie who had just lost her mother.

Bonnie told the story of being so bereaved at her mother's funeral. She remembers  looking up during the burial thru her tears and seeing yellow butterflies dancing in the sunlight. It gave her such comfort because she and her mother had both loved yellow butterflies and she knew it was a sign from beyond this world that her mother was with God.

I wrote the poem from that inspiring story and got her address and sent a framed poem to Bonnie.  I found a beautiful scrap-booking page with woodland flowers and a yellow butterfly rising in the corner and I printed the poem right in the center of the page, with the flowers and  the butterfly framing the words.

I received an email from Bonnie shortly after she had received the framed poem. This is part of that email:

You just won't believe this.  From the beginning to make you sorta understand.  My Mom was into a lot of crafts before she died.  So I had given some of her craft things to friends at work.  One friend asked for her paints and I gave them to her.  Well, today she brought in a picture she had painted with my Mom's paints that I had given her. And of all things, there was a butterfly on it. I told her it was a beautiful painting.   I was shocked.  I went and sat at my desk and got a copy of what you sent me and read it.  I got to thinking and I did not believe I had showed the poem to Pam.  Well, I took it into her office and let her look at it, and I told her the story of the yellow butterflies.  Evidently I had not told her the story or showed her the poem.  She got a funny look on her face and said that the picture she had painted (from another picture) did not have a butterfly in it and at first she had painted the butterfly yellow with black dots, but decided to change the colors and made it  all yellow...

God truly moves in mysterious ways...and sometimes He can take something as simple and beautiful as a yellow butterfly to remind us of His abiding love and presence.

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